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Admin & Workspace Manager

12 Ноября 2021

Duties of Admin & Workspace Manager - Russia

This role is responsible for Admin & Workspace management to deliver the comprehensive operation and general services in workspace. This role is based on Moscow, and cover offices in Russia, constantly focus on enhancing customer experiences and operation efficiency, by truly understanding of the business and providing administrative support for the strategic landing of the business department;

In charge of office space planning strategy making, identifies renovation project requirements by gathering internal team insights, analyzing operations, determining project scope and deliverables;

  • Design decision making processes to capture data relating to renovation project requirements from employees
  • Collect data and evaluate results in conjunctional with company renovation policies & standards, industry practices, local regulations, budget and resources to determine projects scope
  • Communicate project requests report with upper management, address questions & concerns raised
  • Coordinate the activities of design professionals and construction contractors to ensure projects are completed within time, cost, and quality constraints

Manage the vendor and procurement through cost-effective methods and negotiates with suppliers to meet quality, delivery, and cost objectives;

  • Source, research, contact and screen new vendors with procurement team
  • Design and manage the bidding process per project requirements and company policy
  • Review and evaluate vendor quotation/bid based on cost/benefit analysis
  • Recommend the award of contract in a fair and unbiased manner based on quality, delivery and cost objectives
  • Review vendor contracts with upper management, legal and finance teams

Continually formulate and optimize the system and work flow within the responsibility, follow up the implementation results, and constantly improve and improve the quality of work

Internal system or platform implementation in Russia to enhance the efficiency;

  • According to the needs of the development of administrative work, establish an administrative operation management system with timeliness, and effectively supervise the implementation of the operation
  • Ensure the system implementation and generate operational data analysis report
  • Be responsible for data extraction, integration and analysis of administrative business, and bring value to strategy optimization.

Create cultural communication plan from activity planning to implementation to create the branding awareness;

  • Work closely with headquarter to better plan the culture activities, ensure the same message would be delivered thru the activities
  • Create the comprehensive communication plan to increase the branding awareness among employees
  • Ensure the practice is aligned with the respect of multi-culture
  • Help to build up the branding loyalty and service professionalism

Responsible for the budget, from planning to execution, to maximize the dollar value;

  • Work with finance on the budget planning with the priorities of operation
  • Solve the problem in financial matters, like cross BU charge principles, budget allocation method, and etc, to ensure the operation deliverable
  • Conduct strategically analysis of costs to determine areas of cost reduction and increase operational efficiencies
  • Prepare, review, communicate and adjust budget proposal with finance team and upper management

Responsible for the Russia Admin & Workspace team setup and development;

  • Setup the Russia Admin & Workspace team to support business development;
  • Ensure that all members understand the team’s objectives and work together to achieve it;
  • Foster a cohesive, open, and comfortable working environment, within the team;
  • Understand the team strategies, able to work with remote teams, provide the direction and leadership where necessary;
  • Manage the staffing through the appropriate hiring, firing, and disciplinary actions in collaboration with HR and Headquarter


Minimum requirement:

Bachelor or above degree in academic;

Have at least 5 years working experience in management of large MNC, in the field of facility management or general services or workspace management or communication;

Have the ability to understand and realize the value of customers and partners;

Good at data mining and analysis, skilled in using office software;

Fluent in Russian and Chinese speaking and strong communication skills, Fluent in English, Russian and Chinese is preferred;

Excellent project management and overall planning ability, able to independently complete the horizontal department coordination and vertical depth excavation of related work;

Personal integrity, strong ability to resist setbacks, always positive and optimistic;

Able to travel frequently in Russia;


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