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Hazard identification and professional risk assessment

In accordance with Part 3 of Art. 214 of the Labor Code of the RF, informing employees about existing professional risks and their levels should be implemented in each company. To do this, each employer is obliged to introduce a procedure for assessing professional risks, which is confirmed by a package of local regulations.

Manpower will take care of all the complexities of the project and help you identify and assess professional risks in your organization.

Occupational risk assessment includes:​

  • creating commission to identify hazards and assess occupational risks in the workplace;
  • collecting information about jobs and workplaces;
  • identifying hazard;
  • assessing occupational risks in the workplace.

As a result of the work, the following documents are prepared:​

  • regulation on occupational risk management;
  • a register of identified hazards;
  • a list of measures agreed by the company to reduce the level of professional risks;
  • occupational risk assessment cards.