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Our internal life

We are leaders of the HR industry and offer our clients services and high quality HR solutions. Only truly talented and enthusiastic people can create such product. In our business, it is impossible to become a professional in just a few months; all skills and experience are acquired over the years bit by bit in their daily work with clients. So people, their experience and expertise is our main capability and the foundation of our business.

All events in the company are promptly reflected in the news section of the Intranet. Employees can know about new projects, meetings of Lead Teams, about chronicle of the National Sales Day, about charity with the participation of employees of the Company, about meetings with students and etc. Any employee can write a report or tell about an interesting event.

Bright photos, sport achievements, impressions of visiting interesting places are the great subject for communication.

We celebrate and share our emotions

We join together and mark our achievements


We enjoy spending time together

We like creatively rest: